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Saturday, August 16, 2003

"Believe It, or Not"

Nicholas D. Kristof, in an article hostile to belief in the Virgin Birth and the Assumption of Mary in today's issue of the New York Times, says the following:

Religion remains central to American life, and is getting more so, in a way that is true of no other industrialized country, with the possible exception of South Korea.

Kristof gets his information from the Pew Research Center's Views of a Changing World 2003 Report, which states that 58% of Americans and 56% of South Koreans believe that it is "necessary to belief in God to be moral," while only 33% of Germans, 30% of Canadians, 29% of Japanese, 27% of Italians, 25% of Britons, and 13% of French agree.

Kristof reports, with alarm, that 91% of Americans Christians believe in the Virgin Birth. I don't know why he should find this alarming, since Christains have believed in the Virgin Birth of Jesus for 2000 years and it is a dogma of the Catholic Church. More interesting is the fact that 41% of U.S. non-Christians also believe in the Virgin Birth. I would guess that most of them are Muslims, whose faith also asserts the Virgin Birth of Jesus.