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Friday, August 15, 2003


This is currently a movement to change the spelling of this country from "Korea" to "Corea." The reason was stated by Rep. Kim Seong-ho:

There exists [sic] definite allegations that during its colonial era (1910-45), Japan purposely compelled the Korean people to use 'Korea' instead of 'Corea' in order for it to come first in the alphabetical order of countries.

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Allegations? Yes. Evidence? Not that I've heard of.

This rumor really gained momentum during the World Cup. It reminds me of the brouhaha over words and phrases like "picnic" and "rule of thumb," the former alleged to have come from "pick a nigger (for lynching)" and the latter from the allowed size of the rod used to beat one's wife. There is no evidence for either of these etymologies, but because they fit in with the "politically correct" version of history, they are widely accepted in academia.

That said, I find the spelling "Corea" more aesthetically pleasing due to its use in Latin and among the Romance languages.