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Saturday, August 09, 2003

Kairos and Africa

Could this be Africa's time?

Time, in Greek, can be expressed by the words chronos or kairos. Chronos means time in the normal sense of the word, while kairos might be translated as "the right time." In Christian Theology, kairos generally refers to all the conditions that were met in the coming of Christ Jesus into the world: Palestine was the cross-roads of Europe, Asia, and Africa; The Roman Empire was at its height; The Hellenistic World was still a cultural power. All of these factors led to the dissimination of the Christian message.

Today could be Africa's kairos. We this clearly in the current situation in the Anglican Communion, where Anglican Archbishop Akinola, Primate of Nigeria, stands poised to be the defender of orthodoxy should the Archbishop of Canterbury choose not to sever ties with the American church. In Catholicism, Archbishop Arinze, also of Nigeria and a potential successor to Pope John Paul II, was a few months ago nearly driven out of Georgetown University after his commencement speech. His crime? Teaching Catholic Doctrine at a Catholic university. It seems many professors and students were not happy with his teaching that homosexuality is a sin.

Christians and post-Christians believing in "progressive" liberalism, how disheartened you must feel that the Africans you so painstakingly patronize have betrayed you! Christians and post-Christians suffering from the sin of racial prejudice, how humbled you must be to see the children of the Dark Continent you once disparaged as being unworthy of the Gospel now the main defenders of Christian orthodoxy!

After the fall of the Roman Empire, it was Ireland that preserved Christendom during the Dark Ages. Once-great Ireland is now threatening to imprison priests for up to six years for disseminating the Vatican's teaching on homosexual unions. It might be Africa's job to preserve what's left of Christendom in these new Dark Ages.

God Bless Africa!