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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Catholic Voting

Here's an interesting statistic from a Los Angeles Times article entitled "God Help the Democrats:"

In 2000, for the first time, white Catholics gave a larger share of their votes to a Republican presidential candidate than did white mainline Protestants.

In my humble analysis, I would say that in the boom times of the 1990s, the ecomomic issues traditionally championed by both Catholics and most Democrats lost in significance to the social and cultural issues traditionally championed by Catholics and most post-1960s Republicans.

I would also advise caution and some critical reading into the word "mainline" used to describe Protestants. "Mainline" Protestants are generally not of the Evangelical persuassion, but are mostly liberal-leaning, upper-income surburbanites.

Not relevant to the above but worthy of mention anyway, the article begins like this:

Millions of Americans do not believe in God. They do not invest moral authority in a transcendent source such as the Bible, or deal in absolutes of right and wrong, or divide the world into simplistic categories of good and evil.

The author proudly includes himself in the above group. I categorically do not.