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Wednesday, September 17, 2003


A 'C' Change in Spelling Sought for the Koreas

Why? From the above article:

The... campaign is based on an increasingly prevalent belief that the original "C" was switched to a "K" by the Japanese at the start of their 1910-45 occupation of the peninsula so that their lowly colonials would not precede them in the English alphabetical hierarchy.

Like I said a few weeks back, aesthetically, I prefer Corea to Korea, chiefly because the former's use in Latin and the Romance languages and the Catholic bias I have in favor of Southern Europe. Practically, however, it would be a colossal mess to change the spelling. Futhermore, there is no concrete proof that Japan did anything to change the spelling of the country's name.

The campaign is a nationalistic attempt to right what is seen as an historic wrong. It is interesting to note that this movement gained momentum during the World Cup, and event that was supposed to bring the two nations closer together.