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Friday, September 12, 2003

Typhoon Maemi

This is my fifth attempt to make this post, as we've already lost electricity four times in the past hour. The Korean peninsula is currently being battered by Typhoon Maemi.

May the Patrons of Safety from Storms; Saints Agrippina, Barbara, Catald, Christopher, Erasmus, Florian, Gratus of Aosta, Jodocus, Scholastica, Thomas Aquinas, Urban of Langres, Vitus, Walburga, and Our Lady of Zapopan; the Patrons of Korea, Saint Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary; the Martyrs of Korea, Saints of the Universal Church; and all who read this; pray for the Korean peninsula in this, her hour of need.

Maemi, by the way, means "grasshopper" if I'm not mistaken. Typhoons used to be given Western names, as are hurricanes in the Western hemisphere. A few years ago the system changed in East Asia. Each country submitted a number of names taken from the local flora and fauna to be used for future typhoons. "Maemi" was submitted by none other than North Korea.