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Friday, October 03, 2003


Russia Priests Head to N.Korea on Mission from God

Kim Jong-il, it seems, has invited some Russian Orthodox priests to open an Orthodox church in Pyeongyang, to join the one existing "Catholic" church and two Protestant churches. He also chose four North Korean academics to go to Moscow to study for the Orthodox priesthood. I can't help but wonder how Orthodox they will be.

A writer quoted in the article says,

I think Kim knows there is not just an economic crisis in his country but a spiritual one. He also knows that Russian patriotism today is very closely linked to the church. Maybe he would like the same in his country.

I'd like to think this might indicate Kim Jong-il possible conversion, something I pray for, but I can't say I'm very hopeful. Still, with God, all is possible.

For more information about religion in North Korea, read this article:

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