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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Consistent Pro-life Ethic

Changing a society which has de-valued women and de-humanized the unborn correspondence with the Fellowship of Reconciliation on the issue of abortion is a page that details the correspondence between the Orthodox Peace Fellowship (OPF) and the Fellowship of Reconcialiation (FOR) over the issue of abortion.

In the end, OPF cut ties with FOR over this issue:

The Orthodox Peace Fellowship will be ending its formal association with the Fellowship of Reconciliation as soon we have a US account operating, which seems almost certain to occur by the end of the month.

This follows a decision made within OPF not to affiliate ourselves with organizations which do not promote a consistent pro-life ethic.

At one point in the correspondence, FOR states that it

deplore[s] killing of [sic] doctors and the threat of violence against abortion providers and their families and groups providing reproductive services

to which OPF responds that

the last two words are an inappropriate euphemism. In fact we're talking about abortion services, the opposite of reproductive services.