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Thursday, November 13, 2003

Politically Homeless

From "Faithful Citizenship," a statement recently put out by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, as reported in Catholic bishops tackle politicians:

At this time, some Catholics may feel politically homeless, sensing that no political party and too few candidates share a consistent concern for human life and dignity. However, this is not a time for retreat or discouragement. We need more, not less engagement in political life by Catholics.

They hit they nail on the head with that phrase "politically homeless." On my desk is sitting a form sent to me by the board of elections from the last county I lived in in the U.S. The form asks me to declare a party, as the Right to Life Party for which I registered did not qualify to be a major party in my home state. I don't think, as many do, that the two major parties are one in the same, the "Republicrats." They have serious differences. That's the problem.

My Democrat grandmother indoctrinated me to the extent that I challenged my elementary school teacher when she stated that Lincoln had been a Republican. "She must be wrong," I thought. "How could this great man have been a Republican!" But my grandmother lived before the days her party had completely adopted the pro-abortion and pro-gay agendas.