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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Britney Spears in the ROK

I never thought I'd post about Britney Spears, but some photos of her wearing the traditional Korean hanbok (close-up, demure, waving) have promted me to do so. I must say, Miss Spears looks much nicer wearing a hanbok than what she normally wears. For a local perspective, read Britney: Yes, THAT Britney.

In a related article, Britney Spears on First Stop of Asia Tour, to my disbelief Miss Spears insists that there was "no lesbian vibe going on" when she infamously kissed Madonna.

Really? I guess it was just done for shock value and for the benefit of all those male fans who indulge in such fantasies.

It has become clear that I should end this post now.