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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Greed is Good?

This glorious account of the wonders of underpopulation comes from South Korea's Birth Rate Falls Through the Floor, an article pusblished by

As people's income increases their perception of what counts as the "good life" expands as well.... Which is the true irony of the overblown population crisis. Ehrlich and others who claimed the world would soon face its doom constantly cited the tragedy of the commons problem -- that each individual acting for his own selfish interest in having more children was imposing externalities that were borne by everyone else. Today, however, the opposite is true -- sheer materialistic greed has us limiting the number of children we have so that we can wallow in luxury.

Greed, it turns out, really is good after all.

I doubt Ehrlich or the author of this article had many children; otherwise, they would know that there is very little selfish in having many children. And this wallowing in luxury will soon end when the underpopulated younger generation refuses or is financially unable to take care of or pay taxes to support an "overpopulated" older generation that did not do its duty in replacing itself with many children.