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Thursday, December 11, 2003

More Korean Blesseds on the Way

Process of Beatification Opens for 124 Korean Martyrs: Paul Yun Ji-Chung and Companions Died in 1791

Korea has indeed produced more than its share of witnesses for the Faith. Today, only about 8% of Koreans are Catholic, but the country has already produced 103 Saints of the Universal Church, the Martyrs of Korea, whose memorial is Septmeber 20th. If I'm not mistaken, this gives Korea the highest number of saints per Catholic capita in the world!

Approximately 16,000 Catholics were martyred here from 1784, when the Faith was introduced, and 1895, when religious freedom was finally introduced. During those dark years, the Catholic Faith was described as an "evil cult that destroyed human relations and traditional moral order."

Interestingly, Protestantism, which now claims about a quarter of the Korean population, did not arrive in Korea until after 1895.