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Monday, December 08, 2003

Orthodox Bob Marley

Little known is the fact that Bob Marley was baptized into the Ethiopian Orthodox Church near the end of his life and by implication renounced his Rastafarian faith and its belief in the divinity of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I.

Archbishop Abuna Yesehaq, from Rastafari, Bob Marley and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church :

Bob was really a good brother, a child of God, regardless of how people
looked at him. He had a desire to be baptised long ago, but there were people close to him who controlled him and who were aligned to a different aspect of Rastafari . But he came to Church regularly. I remember once while I was conducting the Mass, I looked at Bob and tears were streaming down his face...When he toured Los Angeles and New York and ngland, he preached the Orthodox faith, and many members in those cities came to the Church because of Bob. Many people think he was baptised because he knew he was dying, but that is not so...he did it when there was no longer any pressure on him, and when he was baptised, he hugged his family and wept, they all wept together for about half an hour.

This bit of information, like so many more, was brought to my attention by the good folks at A conservative blog for peace.