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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

A Point Worth Considering

From Baghdad Archbishop Says Coalition Forces Must Stay: Otherwise, Iraq Faces Chaos, He Warns:

An eventual withdrawal from Iraq of Americans or allies "would be a great lack of responsibility," as "it would mean going from anarchy to chaos," warns Latin-rite Archbishop Jean Benjamin Sleiman of Baghdad.

"To abandon Iraq to itself would imply to prepare a tragic future for us all," the archbishop said to Missionary Service News Agency on Friday. "It would be a terrible legacy for the West which would be added to the Middle East focus, making everything extremely difficult."

Given the existing situation, the archbishop made an appeal: "If the United Nations handles Iraq's problems with the consensus of the international community, including the Arab countries, then there will be a force recognized by all and it will not be impossible to obtain the solidarity of the majority of the Iraqi population."

The United Nations "on its own would be ineffective; the peace contingents must stay," he concluded.