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Sunday, December 21, 2003

Pro-life Future

In a posting yesterday, I included these words from Bishop Donald Wuerl of Pittsburgh:
    "Just as we wonder how it had been possible for people to keep human beings as slaves, as chattel, so future generations will look back and wonder how we could so cavalierly kill our unborn children."

Well, according to a recent article (Pro-lifers "out-reproducing pro-aborts" three to one), those "future generations" might be being born now. From the cited article:
    "On average, pro-lifers are having three children, while pro-abortion persons are only having one. In one generation, America would be overwhelmingly pro-life, assuming that the children of pro-lifers remain pro-life themselves. "

And from the same article, an encouraging statistic that this pro-life future may be sooner at hand than thought:
    "[Seventy-two] percent of teenagers are of the opinion that abortion is morally wrong"

I've often found it strange that groups that call themselves "progressives" tend to favor abortion. Obviously, abortion is part of the selfish, consumer-driven, destructive, throw-away culture that "progressives" tend to oppose. I believe that the main reason they do this is that they have a faulty notion of history that equates the new with the good. This view of history is derived from Marxism, which in turn is derived from a materialistic, evolutionary view of biology transposed ontosociology.

Thus, these "progressives" see legally and morally sanctioned abortion as something new and therefore intrinsically good. Of course, abortion has been with us from the beginning of history, but its acceptance is something altogether new. These same "progressives" surely view slavery as part of the old order that was overthrown by "progressive" ideals. However, the chattel slavery we knew in the United States was itself something new, a "development" that occured after the colonization of the New World. The enslavement and dehuminization of millions of Africans was progress.

A correct view of history is not one in which our human society inevitably "progresses" or evolves toward greater freedom and equality. The true view of history is that of a constant struggle between good and evil that takes new forms in every succeeding generation. One hundred and fifty years ago, the great evil in the United States was slavery; today it is abortion.