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Saturday, January 17, 2004


From Korea-centrism and the foreign 'threat', an insightful look at the economic roots of South Korea's current surge in nationalism:
    There is nothing that will draw Koreans together faster than the belief that outside forces are ththat it is not so lovely... not so enchanting. Their fingers would wag at the crowds packing the Underground during rush hour, or stab at the morning paper to show me the politics of the day. They would try and wave the banner of the day to day grind before me, to dissuade my eyes from seeing the beauty and charm. Sad, really... that they would so eagerly try to steal away such a jewel. Hostile, even... in their zeal to prove that the world holds no magic. If I were to turn my ears to their words, they would gladly fill my thoughts with belching black smoke and mechanical living.