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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Animal Welfare
As an animal lover, not animal rights activist, I find this story disturbing: Case of loving his pets to death.

Here's what happened:
    Cafe manager Hwang Woun-young also offered boarding facilities to Seoul residents who needed somewhere to leave their pets when they went on vacation. But despite even having some of his dogs appear in Korean feature films and becoming movie stars in their own right, things were going terribly wrong.

    Some of the people who left their pets with Hwang didn't come back, and the pet cafe became a dumping ground for unwanted and abandoned animals. Hwang fell nine months behind in his rent and the owner of the property moved in to evict him. This led to a grim scene last week with 82 dogs and eight cats sitting locked, sometimes three to a cage on the street and in the alleyway leading to the now closed and shuttered cafe. According to Hwang, they had been there for five days.
Pet culture is rather new to Korea. Visit any downtown fashion district, and you can see many young girls carrying around small dogs as if they were accessaries, like handbags. What these youngsters don't realize is that raising an animal takes years of commitment and responsibility.